Calling All Californians: Contact the Senate Health Committee!

The bill that would require all our public universities to become first trimester abortion providers is up for its first committee hearing and vote. Based on the input they receive from you, nine members of the California State Senate will be deciding whether Senate Bill 24 stops in its tracks or moves forward to the next stage.


You can read the bill for yourself on the California State Legislature website. Even pro-choice people we’ve spoken to have found this proposed law to be problematic. Check out our article from December to watch videos exposing the major flaws with SB24. You’ll also hear from Students for Life and Californians for Life leaders who spoke against an almost identical bill last year. (That bill, SB 320, was passed by the Legislature but vetoed by Governor Brown.)

The Health Committee needs to know what to do with this proposed legislation. They need to hear from the people they represent. Open up those lines of communication—all it takes to get started is one phone call, one email. Give your name, note the district you live in, and don’t fail to highlight if you happen to be a constituent of theirs. You’ll have extra pull. Here are the phone numbers to call: