The Medical Community Needs to Be Held to a Higher Standard

We are calling upon members of Congress to use their influence to end the federal funding of scientific research projects that create a demand for abortion.

The federal government has been funding medical research that involves collecting livers, intestines, lungs and other organs from human fetuses as old as 24 weeks. That may be controversial enough for some, but the issue here is that some of these organs are acquired after elective abortions—medically unnecessary procedures.

In 2017 alone, $98 million was spent on research projects involving fetal organs, according to the Washington Post. We encourage life-saving research and the creation of treatments that benefit the public. But our government should not be creating a demand for abortions in order to solve these problems.

The Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Brett Giroir, made it known that HHS is committed to fast-tracking the development and implementation of alternatives to fetal tissue use. And in November, HHS spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley told Politico that careful deliberation was being made by the agency regarding future funding; stakeholders, ethicists and advocates for and against the status quo were invited to listening sessions with the department. Oakley was quoted as saying, “When we receive inquiries from members of Congress, we respond.”

We want our U.S. Congress to support and encourage Dr. Giroir in his efforts. We cannot encourage a system that relies on elective abortion. A system which has procurement companies waiting at the clinic door for the death of a healthy, viable child to occur. We can care for the sick and afflicted in our midst without resorting to violence.


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With the recent publicity, more and more people are becoming aware of this situation. Concern over the public funding of organ harvesting—or “fetal tissue procurement” if we want to sanitize it—should not be minimized. And it shouldn’t be treated like a political football, either. The debate is too important to ignore.