Fetal Tissue Research

Earlier this month, Department of Health and Human Services announced that they have discontinued funding medical research at the University of California, San Francisco, that involves the use of fetal tissue from elective abortions. Regulations have been placed on other extramural research contracts that are up for renewal, as well as for new contracts, and similar research being conducted within the National Institutes of Health has been discontinued. Our friends from Berkeley Students for Life were quoted in an article by the Daily Cal on this new development.

UCSF researchers have stated that they used organ tissues from fetuses who were 18 to 24 weeks old.¹ Instead of being aborted and used as lab material, many could have been receiving care in a NICU. According to the contract form (or solicitation) from NIH, these researchers were required to create cohorts of "humanized mice" using two fetuses every month.² Keep in mind that the only methods for abortion that do not compromise the quality³ of the “tissue” are live dismemberment or medication inductions that would likely result in some born alive infants.⁴

While we applaud the work of medical research in general, we cannot encourage a throwaway system that relies on the destruction of late-term, pain capable, and viable members of our human family.


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