Debbie Bamberger on the Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden


Debbie Bamberger has been identified in previous court documents and online news articles as "Doe 7" in the state's so-called case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. The California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, claims that the "does" are victims who fear for their lives and has asked the court to keep hidden the names of David and Sandra's accusers. Yet here, Bamberger makes herself known in connection with the case and also confessed that she is in no way fearful for her life:

"There was a famous case that's being tried right now against this man named David Daleiden who videotaped a bunch of conversations and then edited them to sound quite bad—about what Planned Parenthood does with pregnancy...products of conception—fetal parts—after an abortion. So I was caught on tape by this guy. He infiltrated an abortion provider meeting. It was a place where we all feel very safe so it was a huge betrayal that this happened.

"I haven't felt personally... I was very worried when I first wrote my story which was published in a book called Untold Stories (2014). It was a collection of reproductive life stories, and I was very nervous about any backlash I might get. I have two children and a husband, and I was worried about safety. I haven't had any personal threat to my safety. I am listed on a very icky abortion site that lists quote, unquote abortionists and gives my address and stuff like that. But luckily I haven't had any badness come at me personally. But it is real and it is scary."

Although some of the videos connected to the state's "invasion of privacy" case are still online, with millions of views, federal judge William Orrick blocked the release of several hours of footage back in 2015. Those videos were filmed at the Westin St. Francis during the National Abortion Federation conference. All videos related to the criminal case will be shown in the courtroom during the Preliminary Hearing, set to begin April 22nd in San Francisco, but prosecutors submitted a motion to keep them off the public record, too!

Relevant quotes from David & Sandra's attorneys:

"The only reason the attorney general wants to have these videos sealed and kept from the public eye is because the videos themselves provide damning evidence that these allegedly confidential conversations were not in fact confidential. The videos themselves put the lie to the attorney general’s case and reveal it for the fraud that it is.” —Horatio Mihet

“These folks are already public... You can go and Google these folks, if you knew their names. You’d see them talking to the New York Times, you’d see them talking to the Washington Post, going out and being proud on social media; so that’s not the issue here." —Peter Breen

“The attorney general has no choice but to try to convict our clients based on secret evidence. And that’s what we’re talking about attorney general who is trying to use the power of the state of California to hold a secret trial based on secret evidence and to send American citizens to jail for evidence that no one else can see. That is unconscionable and not something that can happen in a free country." —Horatio Mihet

The identities of the "does" have been public knowledge for a long time. They've been able to speak out publicly against The Center for Medical Progress, but David and Sandra are prevented from doing the same by court order. CMP deserves a fair hearing, both in court and the public square.


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